Member Education/Engagement

We provide our expertise and insight on how to properly message your benefits program to reach your employees regardless of their location, education or access to technology.

  • We help to create a “benefits brand” that represents you and is unique to the benefits platform.
  • Employee Benefits Guide with electronic “flipbook” – typically, this is anywhere from 20-28 pages depending on amount of content to be included, we also can provide an annual “what’s new” document as well as help produce the annual OE presentation, as needed.
  • Open Enrollment and New Hire Video – this 7-9-minute video is a great way to provide a consistent message to new hires and employees. It can easily be shared with family members and linked to employee intranet sites (there would be an additional fee for this service)
  • We can also explore the use of a mobile platform that incorporates all aspects of your benefits offerings into a single app and includes one click buttons for customer service, ID cards, etc.
  • Monthly communication pieces will be procured from your vendors that can be shared with employees in whatever fashion works for you.